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Kit list

Occasionally we get asked how we produce our podcasts…

Here is a brief guide to the Shipping Podcasts production process:

Step 1. Content.

Put simply, we have awesome content from some of the most influential companies in the industry. You can see the list of our content providers for yourself.

But, we’re always on the hunt for more to produce!
Are we missing content on a particular topic that you would like?
Are we missing content from a company that you think should be here?

Step 2. Production

Having done a little editing to the content, it’s time for recording.

One voice that you will hear on our podcasts is journalist Katie Breathwick. Katie can also be heard on Classic FM reading the news on weekday mornings in the UK.
The other voice that you will hear is Mary Tweed, one time presenter on TV for TeleBiz.


We have tried a range of equipment, but in our studio at the moment:

SE2200A Condenser Microphone
sE Studio Microphone Pop Screen
GST 400 Boom Microphone Stand
ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
3m XLR – XLR Balanced Microphone Cable
Konnekt 8 Firewire Audio Interface

Step 3. Tecchie stuff

After the recording is done, the audio goes through SoundTrack Pro on the Mac to produce the output files.

For recording interviews over skype, we use Pamela.

Step 4. Publishing

We publish the files through a number of channels, but the main places to find them are on this ShippingPodcasts website, iTunes, Jellycast and Blubrry

Step 5. Paying the bills!

This website is provided as a free resource to the industry: we rely on the support of our sponsors and your kindness through donations.

If you would like to support us, you can make a one off donation here:

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