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What listeners say they like…

Here are a selection of the comments from listeners about why they like our podcasts:

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“The refreshing mix of topics, done free and to the point”

“I can lsiten to market reports while commuting to and from work”

“clear and straightforward layout”

“the amount of information”

“Fresh information about shipping”

“easy to access”

“It is a practical way to go on learning and improving”

“The assimilation of various items at one site”

“I thoroughly enjoy the podcasts and find them very useful in my development as an aspiring shipbroker. The varied, scale and depth of the information that is passed along in a short forum makes for easy listening and digestion.”

“The clarity, the subject topics and their relevance to my work”

“The site has easy to find relevant and up to date information”

“It was really interesting and proved to be a long time awaited achievement… As a FICS [fellow institute of chartered shipbroker] … you have to be a few steps ahead…”

“The currency podcast is a very quick and easy way to catch up on a market that influences my business. Perfect length”

“That they are current and very accurate in the information they contain”

“21st century content for a 20th century market sector”

“Free downloads”

“The easy, and mobile way to learn and keep updated in shipping. I download the podcasts to my IPod and listen at the appropriate time”

“The audio commentary as well as the willingness of the commentator to take a risk and give an outlook as to the next week’s market demands or lack thereof.”

“It provides a high level of up-to-date information that is easily understood.”

“access to info, downloading possibility”

“The more podcasts – the better”