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Maritime recruitment podcast for September 2014

By • Sep 11th, 2014 • Category: Recruitment

Shore based shipping industry recruitment podcast from and Halcyon Recruitment

Maritime Employee Survey 2014 – Please take part

Hello and welcome to Recruitment podcast for the shore based side of the shipping industry. This podcast comes from Halcyon Recruitment and Coracle Online and before we start, we’d like to give a quick reminder that our annual Maritime Employee Survey, now in its 6th year will close on Tuesday 16th September. The report will allow you to see how you compare to other similar professionals in the industry when it comes to salary increases, bonuses and overall employment levels. Major industry corporations globally will receive the results so they can also understand what matters most to you whether this is training and development opportunities, career development or remuneration issues. To take part go to

Turning our attention to the global maritime and shipping recruitment markets, the summer holidays are over and things are really getting busy. Generally, 2014 has seen recruitment activity levels improve across the board and this includes management positions, which were minimal during 2013. An even more positive sign is that employers are openly recruiting for trainees and graduates, realising that there is a shortage of the junior to mid-level candidates and so taking the time to create their own. This is particularly welcome given the previous years of closed graduate programmes and only taking candidates who could hit the ground running.

On a less positive note, there has been a significant stagnation and sometimes a reduction in salary levels in the UK and Europe, particularly in Germany where redundancies are still being made, but with similar levels being achieved in the Middle East and USA.

Positions are still being highly competed for especially at entry level and with established industry organisations with a good reputation.

The LNG and chemical tanker markets have a noticeable gap of suitable talent available with employers preferring to wait for a relevant profile to appear rather than consider training and development of someone who may not possess all the required skills and experience.

Experienced candidates are not available for long and even though it may still be an employer’s market, candidates are taking more time on deciding if a role is right for them, looking at the longer term picture in terms of stability, company reputation and development opportunities.

In the Asia Pacific region, there remains high levels of recruitment across the industry especially at senior management level. In Singapore, the recent regulatory changes have made companies focus even more on hiring locals or candidates with Singapore PR status and we are also seeing an increased focus on cultural diversity within the region.

Expatriate packages are almost a thing of the past in Singapore with companies hiring on local packages with some relocation assistance if required.

While more European companies are moving to Singapore for their operations, we have also observed a number of companies relocating some functions outside Singapore to less costly countries such as Philippines and India.

We hope that you found this podcast useful. Please remember the survey closes on Tuesday 16th September. Meantime, feedback on this podcast or input on future topics you would like us to cover is always welcome. Further information on the vacancies that Halcyon are seeking to fill can be found at