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Why a Local Marketing Campaign is Important for International Import Strategy

By • Feb 15th, 2013 • Category: General

As an importing infrastructure, successful international marketing is a pre requisite to expand your business on a worldwide level. There are numerous ways of achieving this, but the most important role in this regard is played by imports and exports. Organizations like the Port of Montreal, in Canada, are well aware of this and have adopted a strategy to tap into specific foreign markets by launching websites such as Verschiffung USA, which is specifically designed to reach the German market.

Here is why imports and exports are essential.

1. Awareness is increased

The main reason why import and export are considered to be one of the most critical parts of an international marketing plan is the increased awareness about the company and its products. When you export to another country, the people in that country also come to know of your products and services, which increases your international presence. The most notable benefit of this is that it gives you a chance to further expand your business.

2. Firms in different countries collaborate with each in a better way

Whenever you import or export a product, you do it through a certain government or private organization. Since you work so closely with them, coordination increases between them, which can help you in your international marketing campaign.

The firm you would be dealing with is already present in the country where you are interested in marketing your products. As such, team members can help you in reaching out to potential customers in a better way, or at least suggest a reputable marketing agency in that country. You can always hire them to launch the campaign for you. This will decrease your expenses and the impact will be more since marketing agencies are an expert in luring people.

3. Relationships are improved

This is somewhat in conjunction with the former point. Frequent collaboration does lead to improved processes if all problems and issues encountered are solved effectively. There are many added advantages of this if you are looking to expand your business in that region.

An export and import agency plays a crucial role in logistics and transportation. So if you are on better terms with them, you can use this to your benefit.

4. Overall costs decrease

The fact that import and export to other countries increases awareness has been mentioned before. As a result of this, you do not need to launch additional marketing campaigns. Even if you choose to do so, they neither have to be widespread nor enormous, which significantly reduces your costs.

5. The need for extra marketing strategies is reduced or even eliminated

When you export to a country, the local people already know about your products and are also using them, which is why you are still continuing to export. Therefore, you do not exactly need to spend time in devising new marketing plans because there is no need as such.

The time and money saved from this can easily be used to improve some other aspect of your business.

6. Chances of growth become bright

Exporting and importing your products to a different country enhances your chances of growth and helps you to expand your business. There is a significant increase in your annual sales, which leads to a noticeable rise in profits. All this extra money generated can be used to set up offices and branches in various regions around the world until you become a multinational organization. If you put in more efforts, you might even be able to achieve the status of a global enterprise.

7. The position in the international market improves

If you expand your business, you can improve your position in the international market. Obviously, by doing so, you will be beating a lot of opponents in the process because not every company has the ability or the capability to achieve this. Once you succeed in overcoming your competitors, you obviously rise up on the ladder.

8. There is an exposure to new technology

There are other countries that may be more advanced than yours in certain aspects, which is highlighted by importing and exporting. You can use their advanced technology to improve your products. This will not only increase customer satisfaction, but will also help you in being at par and stepping ahead of other international rivals.

So if are interested in marketing your business at an international level, the first thing to do is develop a trade strategy that will help you reach specific local markets. Verschiffung USA is a good example of how one organisation went about doing this, with conclusive results.

About the author

The author, an international marketing professional, was directly involved in designing and deploying the strategy behind Verschiffung USA.