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Maritime recruitment podcast with @halcyonrecruit looks at the 4th annual survey

By • Nov 28th, 2012 • Category: Recruitment

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Welcome to Halcyon Recruitment’s latest shipping recruitment podcast.

Working with Coracle, Halcyon recently completed the fourth annual Maritime Employee Survey and it made very interesting reading.

When we first started the survey in 2009, salary and benefits were at the forefront of consideration for employees when considering career moves. In 2010 and 2011, the focus for those working within the shore based maritime industry was on promotion and training. This year however, there has been a notable change. The aspects of most importance to our respondents when considering a career move are work/life balance, the relationship they have with their line manager and job security with work/life balance being the primary concern.

There is a significant lack of contentment among employees in the training, development and promotion opportunities they are seeing at the moment with areas providing greatest satisfaction in current employment being the relationship with line managers and employers reputations.

With ongoing volatility in many sectors, this is perhaps unsurprising although there are some sector specific results on the following pages that show interesting variations

There has been a very slight improvement with respect to thoughts on job security with 55% of respondents indicating concern compared to 59% last year. Job security ranks overall as the third most important element when considering a career move.

75% of respondents have not changed jobs within the last 12 months and there has been a substantial reduction in the number of employees receiving a salary increase in the last 12 months, 38% compared to 49% in 2010/11. It is also interesting to note that 53% of participants in our survey did not receive a bonus in the last 12 months, this figure being 49% in our 2011 survey. Of those who did receive a bonus, 65% were happy with the figure they received.

In general, confidence remains low overall as it appears that the tough times are really here to stay with occasional fluctuations as one would expect. The extent of rationalisation, mergers and acquisitions that were widely anticipated last year has not come about with a number of key organisations that were perhaps expected to take significant hits still being given lifelines.

Employees are becoming increasingly reluctant to change positions unless the opportunity is one that really can’t be missed, usually on the basis of employer reputation, career advancement and/or development potential.

Within the technical side of the industry, we are seeing an increasing number of candidates with seafaring experience choose to return to sea where they can earn more money rather than take the perceived risk of a shore based position, especially as this often involves relocation. Stability and security are clearly paramount amongst our employees.

With the stagnation that is occurring in employment, it is therefore not surprising to see that individuals are becoming less content with training, development and promotion opportunities because these are quite simply becoming increasingly rare. This could explain the knock on effect of the work/life balance increasing in importance because if there is a lack of confidence in changing jobs and opportunities to progress internally are limited, then surely you may as well dig in for the long haul and try to enjoy some quality time outside of work.

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