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BIMCO review of the Container shipping markets. Oct 12. #maritime

By • Oct 26th, 2012 • Category: Containers

This podcast from Coracle gives a review of the state of the Container Shipping Industry and Forward Looking Prospectives.

Commentary has been provided by BIMCO


    Notes as no transcript provided:

    Forecast for US West Coast-bound volume growth in 2012: 0.7%

    1m teu just delivered, fleet growth of 5% net of demolition
    BIMCO forecasts container fleet to grow 7.2% in 2012, low since 2009.
    cf. 9.7% 2010
    44 brand new ULCV but just 32 sub-2,000teu

    Growth in sub-2,000teu group v.low, new capacity mostly in capacity spectrum that can maximise economies of scale, average age of ytd demolitions 25 years.

    Jan-May 2012 owners reactivated parts of fleet
    But 550,000teu 3.4% idle fleet 24.9.2012 up from 420,000teu 5.2012
    Alphaliner: owners need to cut deep into Far East-Med. deployed capacity
    BIMCO: yes but difficult to cut fast enough while maintaining market balance.

    2009 demand gap still haunting the market.

    Virtual supply not about to be used at full speed.