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Maritime recruitment podcast from @HalcyonRecruit and Coracle for May 2012

By • May 24th, 2012 • Category: Recruitment

Shore based shipping industry recruitment podcast from and Halycon Recruitment

Welcome to Halcyon Recruitment’s latest shipping recruitment podcast.

The shipping markets continue to fluctuate with a huge amount of uncertainty dominating the headlines and the future of certain industry giants remaining unclear. Many key industry figures are expressing surprise that more of the larger organisations facing difficulties have not succumbed to what is seen by many as inevitable closure. The economic crisis in Europe is also having a huge impact on jobs coming to market as well as overall employee attraction and retention.

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty, what recruitment activity there is remains under close scrutiny with limited scope for increasing head count in many organisations and an increasingly rigorous analysis of internal requirements being undertaken combined with a more focused and intense interview process.

As we have highlighted in previous podcasts, employers are still cautious and remain unwilling to compromise on the employees they seek. As well as being more specific on the exact skills and experience required, emphasis remains on finding people who will provide a strong team fit and work well within the organisation’s culture. Individuals who are looking to make a long term commitment are very much at the top of the wish list as companies seek to stabilise and strengthen their positions and market share.

Individuals presently employed at senior management levels are tending to sit tight rather than risk a career move which is having a knock on effect throughout a company’s hierarchy. Amongst employees, we continue to see an increase being placed on the importance of training and development opportunities and it is this, combined with a potential new employer’s reputation, that dominate the decision making process for many who are considering a move.

Critical to any career move is getting your CV right. The difference between a strong and weak CV can literally mean the difference between you being invited to interview. If you are considering a change yourself, you need to focus on selling yourself to the best of your ability and the first step towards doing this is usually through your CV.

Keep your CV brief, 2 or 3 pages maximum, no matter how many years experience you have. Also focus on keeping it factual and make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Give detailed consideration to what you think the main requirements would be for the position you are applying for and provide relevant examples within your CV.

Highlight your key achievements and the benefits you have given to your current employer, examples of this could be how you have increased profitability, new business you have won or ways that you have improved your role since taking it on. The main thing is to sell your attributes in a precise and factual manner that will hopefully result in your being invited to interview. Detailed guidance on CV writing can be found on our website.

If you are considering a career move and would like some advice on how to proceed, please visit our candidate pages for some hints and tips or call us for a confidential discussion.

We hope that you have found this podcast. Feedback on this podcast or input on future topics you would like us to cover is always welcome. Further information on us and the vacancies we are presently seeking to fill can be found at