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Tracking technologies in use by the Shipping Media (idea copied from @econsultancy)

By • Mar 28th, 2012 • Category: Coracle Blog

We were intrigued by a recent post from eConsultancy in which they looked at which tracking technologies are being used by large UK news sites.

We liked the idea so much, that we thought we’d copy the methodology and take a look at news sites covering the shipping markets.

We chose 10 maritime news sources and found a total of 23 tracking technologies in use.

Our results are shown in the graph below.

  • Are you surprised to see GCaptain and Maritime Executive using the most tracking tools?
  • Or that Google Analytics is the most commonly used tool?
  • Or that Double Click is only on one of the sites under review, versus 9 out 10 of the UK’s top news sites?
  • Or how few social plugins (facebook / linkedin / twitter) are used by the ‘Mainstream’ titles?

Tracking Technologies in Shipping Media

Some caveats:

The technologies in use do a variety of jobs: eConsultancy sum this up nicely with

“Not all tracking technologies are equal. Some do little more than count a page load; others link your behaviour across the web to serve ads based on what you do.”

The data collected was from the sites home pages and from a news story (where the story was freely available). We did not login to any news story.