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Stoploss 57 from The London P&I Club. Mandarin version

By • Sep 19th, 2011 • Category: Mandarin podcasts from Coracle, Marine Insurance and P&I

Welcome to this P and I Marine Insurance podcast from Coracle Online and The London P and I Club

This podcast is available in English and Mandarin

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‘StopLoss 57’ includes a look at

1 – DRI: exemption concerns… DRI C is a dangerous and potentially explosive cargo, but we have heard reports from Trinidad of the local authority granting Trinidadian product a unilateral exemption from the strict carriage requirements of the IMSBC Code.

2 – Liquefaction risks: Iron Ore Sinter Feed… Over the last couple of years, industry concerns regarding liquefaction have primarily related to iron ore fines shipped out of India or nickel ore out of the Philippines and Indonesia. In this issue, we look at another trade giving rise to similar concerns, this time in Brazil.

3 – Ship Inspection Programme… The Club’s Ship Inspection Programme generates useful dialogue with Members and we discuss one such instance where the lessons learnt from incidents in one fleet resulted in the development of a bespoke inspection programme. Also, although modern technology enables crew members to keep in touch, we examine how ill-considered use of technology can ultimately be a dangerous distraction.

4 – Focus on Brazil… We consider the risks of engaging in protracted litigation in Brazil and touch on a number of recent developments which have exposed entered ships to substantial fines.