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The aftermath of the radiation leaks from Fukushima

By • Apr 13th, 2011 • Category: IGPI

From Norton Rose:

In the aftermath of the radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant, there are reports that fears of contamination of ships and cargoes may lead to ports outside Japan imposing specific cleaning requirements, screening or even banning ships which have called at Japanese ports. Exclusion zones have been imposed in the vicinity of the Fukushima plant but all other ports outside the exclusion zone have been declared safe by Japanese authorities.

Shipowners and operators are having to consider whether and to what extent it is currently safe to trade to Japan. The position is being extensively monitored but the potential for further radiation leaks means the situation remains fluid. However, both the existing and particularly any increased levels of atmospheric and oceanic radioactivity could have a serious practical, commercial and legal impact across the shipping industry, for shipowners, charterers and cargo owners together with port authorities, regulators and safety agencies both inside and outside Japan.

Norton Rose have produced a briefing on the main considerations which may arise: Fukushima – some implications for the Shipping Industry