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Piper Alderman’s Trade & Transport News for 2011

By • Mar 4th, 2011 • Category: IGPI

Welcome to the first edition of Piper Alderman’s Trade & Transport News for 2011

This publication looks at some of the legal and regulatory issues affecting the Trade & Transport sector, as well as the impact of recent case law from around the globe.

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· “Do I need “tail end risk” insurance to cover my goods from the port to final destination in the transit?” – Frazer Hunt, Trade and Transport editor answers the question.

· The new Australian Consumer Law – Lawyer, Kristen Le Mesurier looks at the new Australian Consumer Law, the impacts that this will have for businesses and compares provisions with the now defunct Trade Practices Act.

● A warning to sellers – A recent case has highlighted the issue of retention of title clauses not providing the protection to a seller as intended. Maurice Lynch, Associate, looks at Angara Maritime Limited v Oceanconnect UK Limited and the implications.

· Incoterms 2010® – What do I need to know? – The new edition of Incoterms® came into use on 1 January 2011. Frazer Hunt, Partner, looks at some of the changes it includes and what organisations need to be aware of.

· No clause without effect – Jason Buttigieg, Senior Associate, examines a recent case in which the High Court reaffirmed that the construction of an exclusion clause must be determined in light of the policy as a whole.

· Choose your jurisdiction carefully – Maurice Lynch, Associate, examines a recent case highlighting the importance of exclusive jurisdiction clauses in contracts of carriage, sale and insurance in international trade.