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All you need to know about shipping

By • Apr 1st, 2009 • Category: General

This is our podcast for April 1….. Enjoy!

Have a good day from everyone at Coracle Online

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  • hope you enjoy this!!!

  • Mary

    Ha Ha – I'm no April Fool!!!!

  • Carly

    This information is priceless! I'm not sure how I've survived so long in shipping without this knowledge 🙂


    Poisson d'avril !

    @ 00:20 is the fixture price 40000 USD/Day ?! that”s unbelievable !!!!!

    (I am sorry not to speak english as a mother tongue so, I didn”t catch this figure correctly …

    thanks for that market report 😉

  • Nomis Llewxam

    Ahhh … that's made it clearer. NOW I understand the benefits of listening to a shipping podcast. Next stop: webinars !

  • Robert


  • confused

    seems to be in high speed slovakian, cant hear / understand a word of it

  • Thanks for a wondrous Scander-navy-ann podcast – excellent for April 1st !!

  • TonyT

    That was Dutch, wasn't it?


    it sounds Welch or Icelandic !!!

    have a fish for meal 😉

  • Hope you all enjoyed this April Fool podcast!!!

  • wanedemba

    hi all

    thanks you very much for all that you are doing for shipping industry
    god bless you all.

  • Go to for books 'Inside Shipbroker' and 'Shipbroker Fast Track'. They will also be available on podcast soon

  • ttoB eoR

    ?erawtfos gnitide dnuos ym si erehw ,ees s'teL .nekorb si rorrim dnuos ym dab ooT !tsacdop ynnuf yrev a si sihT

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