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The Coracle Tanker podcast for 12 March 2009

By • Mar 13th, 2009 • Category: General

The Coracle VLCC podcast for 12 March 2009 in association with

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Key market data:


Size Load Discharge WS
280 AG USG W33.75
280 AG Europe W33.25
270 AG Spore W37.5
270 AG S.Korea W35
260 AG Japan W30 (SH)


Size Load Discharge WS TC Equiv
130 Wafr USG W85 Equiv. Bt. US$ 29,856 pd
130 Wafr UKC (Europe) W87.5 Equiv. Bt. US$ 30,949 pd
135 Bsea Med UKC W100
135 Med Med UKC W95
135 Nsea USG W80
135 AG East W70 Modern – DH Equiv. Bt. US$ 21,543 pd
W55 Older – SH


Size Load Discharge WS TC Equiv
80 UKC UKC W77.5 Equiv. Bt. US$ 4,013 pd
80 MED MED W72.5 Equiv. Bt. US$ 7,224 pd
80 AG East W80 Equiv. Bt. US$ 15,008 pd
70 ECMex USG W140 Equiv. Bt. US$ 30,818 pd


Size Load Discharge WS
75 AG Japan W70
55 AG Japan W90
30 Spore Japan W90

Size Load Discharge WS
37 UKC TA W110
30 Med Med W129
38 Caribs USAC W105