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Suezmax and Aframax podcast 5 Feb

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The Coracle Suezmax and Aframax podcast for 5 Feb 2009 in association with Braemar-Seascope

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Key market data for Suezmaxes:

Size Load Discharge WS TC Equiv
130 Wafr USG W72.5 Equiv. Bt. US$ 22,359 pd
130 Wafr UKC (Europe) W75 Equiv. Bt. US$ 22,485 pd
135 Bsea Med UKC W82.5
135 Med Med UKC W75
135 Nsea USG W70
135 AG East W67.5 Modern – DH Equiv. Bt. US$ 18,896 pd
W52.5 Older – SH

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