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Suezmax and Aframax podcast 11 Sep – episode 28

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The Coracle Suezmax and Aframax podcast for 4 Sep 2008 in association with Braemar-Seascope

Key Suezmax market data:

130 Wafr / USG w140
130 Wafr / UKC w145
135 BSea / Med-UKC w135
135 Med / Med-UKC w135
135 NSea / USG w145
135 AG / East w150 (modern)
135 AG / East w120 (older – SH)

Key Aframax market data:

80 UKC / UKC w175
80 Med / Med w185
80 AG / East w180
70 ECMex / USG w235

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  • Richard

    Thank you for the good work that go into your podcasts. I am a lifelong student of commerce and international trade. I have taken from your podcasts, the enjoyment I use to take from the Journal of Commerce when it was in broadsheet and in American hands. Their tradition never forgot the student, and often helped subtly with vernacular, definatons, and sometimes a bit of strategic overview. Carry on with thanks.

  • Very interesting podcast indeed. Since your blog carries 'workarounds' in its title, can you tell me how to solve the laptop/desktop-problem? I used to transfer shoots with photobinders when I worked on location. But now I have no Idea how to import the new pictures including the library changes (for example I've chosen shots on location toghether with my client).